Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exciting Projects in St. Louis

What are your most anticipated developments in St. Louis?

Here are some of mine:

The proposed Drury Inn at Kingshighway and I-64.
*This could extend the CWE, Barnes money and activity south to the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.

The Bohemian Hill development in Lafayette Square.
*The addition of a some needed services in that part of town could be a main boost for that neighborhood.

The CVS drug store in Boulevard Heights.
*they are new to this market. If they can build an urban drug store (to the street with parking in back), I'll never go to Walgreens again.

The Great Rivers Greenway pedestrian trail
*The Morgan Ford to I-55 extension is nearly completed, the next step is from I-55 south to Loughborough Commons.

*I'm still optimistic it will add activity to this part of Downtown. I'm hoping it doesn't end up a TGIFridays, and a nail salon & instant check cashing strip mall.

1 comment:

  1. Mark ... I'm with you on welcoming CVS altho I practically never go to Walgreens), but I differ on some of the rest ...

    actually, FPSE has been growing slowly over the last 10 years, with development accelerating rapidly over the last 5-6. I'm kicking myself for not buying property there when I looked in 1997. Several of the properties Drury is looking at purchasing are rehabbed already, and are contributing properties to the Historic District (enabling tax credits). and the interchange was promised to the residents of the neighborhood with the BJC/Forest Park deal. This is not a good deal in its present form.

    And I won't go into Bohemian Square, except to say that using eminent domain to transfer property from one private entity to another is just wrong in my view.

    I'd be more excited if someone actually proposed some urban development someplace that actually needs it.