Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fascinated with TGS/TGE

St. Louis is indeed a city of neighborhoods. For better or worse, I truly agree. Making the change, the move to another neighborhood, is almost like moving to another city. People love their neighborhoods and blocks and streets and homes in this town. I like that. People are protective and proud. They think you're crazy to move. And that is good. There is a strong sense of place in this city.

We are looking for all our needs within a walkable distance...or at least a reasonable scooter ride.

Our little spot in Boulevard Heights or Holly Hills Addition (depending on who's talking) does not meet our needs.

Here are the things we want within walking distance:

cleaners (where did all these wool sweaters come from?)
library (shan and ben are avid readers)
coffee shop (many lattes required)
deli (is there anything better than a sandwich?)
24-hour breakfast joint (eggs at 2:00 a.m., or after church...need both)
park (gotta have somewhere to run, relax, contemplate)
3 bars (gotta be able to walk home from a good bar now and then)
5 independent restaurants (love the carry out and affordable dining)
post office

I think TGS/TGE and TGP have all these things. I think this could be the place for us.


  1. TGE is probably the most diverse (racially, economically) and urbanistically functioning neighborhood in the city. You can't go wrong moving there!

  2. I'd like to leave a little plug for the Lindenwood Park neighborhood. I grew up down the street from the library. Turned 21 and could walk to the bars. Bought a house at 24 that was .25mi from Mom & Dad and we would meet halfway at one of the three restaurants in between. A new little place opened (Stellina Pasta) and serves coffee and Chris' Pancakes is less than a mile away. Walgreens/Target/JCPenney is less than a mile and if you cut through the neighborhood, it's a pleasant walk. Other young families and single people are moving into the neighborhood as home-owners oh and there are 4 elementary schools all within walking distance.

  3. ^ Cheers to Lindenwood Park, another great part of town!

  4. Hi there,

    Don't know if you made your move yet, but if you moved to Tower Grove East please get in touch with me. We have a very active neighborhood association. Good people to know. Shoot me an e-mail.