Monday, March 23, 2009

Condos on the Hill

There are some new condos on Macklind just south of Southwest on the Hill. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods; and I think this development adds some nice diversity to the housing stock on the Hill. As I recall, this was merely a vacant lot before the condos were constructed. I really like this development. Here are some photos we took yesterday.

I like how they fit in with the awesome building on the corner.Notice the magic word in 2 of the unit windows: SOLD!
Here's a view from the alleyway, nicely landscaped with some large conifers.
Nice backporches. There is also a really cool side porch between the farthest north unit and the older building on the corner.And finally a picture of the spacious, detached garages. I assume the foundations in the background are a couple more units; or more garages, not sure.

Great location, great project. Nice to see.

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