Friday, June 12, 2009

Bicycle Repair Shop in the City

I have a 1993 Giant Yukon that is in desperate need of some repairs. The gears are not shifting properly, and one of the sprockets is damaged. I would also like to get some new tires, seat and handle bars/grips. Does anyone out there know of a reliable repair shop?

I am within walking distance of South Side Cyclery, so I am inclined to go with them, if I don't hear any horror stories that is.


**Updated 06/23/09**South Side Cyclery charged me $60.00 for a tuneup and $60.00 parts for a new crank set, including front sprockets. I bought a new seat. The bike shifts like new. I'm very please with their work. They called me with the diagnosis and $ estimate prior to completing the work, and they completed the work on time. I would recommend them.


  1. My wife bought a bike there a couple of years ago, and the service has been fine. They seem like a competent group of folks. I would bet that if one gets a job as mechanic at a busy bike shop like South Side, you had better be good. This time of year, they'll probably need that bike for at least a week, if not more.

  2. Hello neighbor! I also live within walking distance of South Side Cyclery. I like the idea of spending money in the neighborhood, but I would look at a few alternatives.

    They are located in the University City area.

    If you are mechanically inclined, you can overhaul your bike, yourself, at Bicycle Works. I think that they charge $5 for the stand, plus tools. They are located in the Tower Grove area.

  3. Karl Becker owns and runs A&M bike shop at Arsenal and Morganford, he does a good job.

  4. Hmm, BicycleWorks didn't have that program when I volunteered there in the mid to late 90's. Good idea.