Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dubious Window Treatment

Su Sala Mexican Cafe and Restaurant was open for a very short period of time in SoHa/Princeton Heights. I only went once, but once was enough. Now, it appears someone, if not the same people are taking another stab at it with La Sala Bar and Grill.Will I give it a try? Yes
Do I wish them well in their business venture? Of course
Do I like what they've done with the windows? No
Is it annoying when guys ask themselves questions and then answer them? Yes

Wow, yikes.


  1. I noticed that last week ... yikes .. what an eyesore!

  2. Yes, yikes, yikes, yikes. But still much prettier than a Papa Johns...I'm still bitter.

  3. While I don't care for the window treatment, the first thing they should do is get rid of the weeds in the sidewalk. Now THAT is an eyesore.

  4. I think I'll give La Sala Bar and Grill a try as well. The windows look lovely!

  5. Leah, I too will be there to give it a try.