Sunday, February 14, 2010

The DeBaliviere Place Neighborhood

DeBaliviere Place is a south west St. Louis neighborhood bound by Delmar Boulevard to the north, Lindell Boulevard to the south, DeBaliviere Avenue to the west and Union Boulevard to the east:
The 2000 census data counted 3,436 residents (down 17% from 1990's count) of whom 30% were black, 59% white, 7% Asian and 2% Hispanic/Latino. There were 2,409 housing units counted, 86% occupied (18%/82% owner/renter split).  These stats indicate there are a lot of apartments and condos in this hood.

This is true, and the apartment buildings are the highlight of this neighborhood, as well as some of the most exclusive streets in the entire city:  Kingsbury Square,Washington Terrace and Waterman Place.

The neighborhood has a highly desireable location as well.  There is a Metrolink station that is the best stop in town in that it's the split between the red and blue line.  You can get on the Skinker/Debaliviere stop and head north all the way to Lambert Airport via UMSL or southwest to Shrewsbury via Clayton or east all the way to Scott Air Force Base via Downtown St. Louis.  Not only is the public transit excellent, the central location is as well.  Think about it, a short walk/drive down Delmar and you're in the East Loop and University City Loop, Washington University's main campus in within a reasonable walk/ride, the Central West End is within eye-shot.  Barnes-Jewish (city's largest employer) is a stone's throw from Debaliviere Place.  Forest Park to the immediate south, man this place has it all.

I am a huge fan of the high rise and mid-level apartment complexes and condos in this neighborhood.  Here are some of my favorites:
They don't build em like they used to:

There is plenty of walkable, quality dining, retail, services and entertainment choices within Debaliviere Place:
I have mourned the loss of Velocity Cafe right at Pershing and DeBaliviere:
 Oh yeah, then there are the late 19th century mansions on the private streets within DeBaliviere Place.

The entry gates on Union are works of art: 
And the mansions:
 The mansions on Lindell Blvd. overlook Forest Park:

^It's like listening to Husker Du and then a Thompson Twins song comes on...

Without fail, all of St. Louis' neighborhoods have noteworthy churches.  Debaliviere Place is no exception.

The Westminster Presbyterian Church on Delmar/Union:
The Grace and Peace Fellowship on Delmar near Belt Clara:
 There are some contemporary homes along Delmar that seem fairly tasteful, and fit in pretty well:
I didn't see any public schools, but there is the LEED Platinum certified Crossroads College Preparatory School campus right on DeBaliviere:
Soak this neighborhood up, it's a St. Louis treasure!  This city is insanely beautiful!


  1. Thank you for highlighting a great urban neighborhood that is too often overlooked or grouped in with its higher-profile neighbor, the Central West End. DeBaliviere Place's retail component is sorely under-utilized. The commercial buildings on Pershing are ripe for a coffeehouse, bakery, bar, market, etc. Many businesses have come and gone over the years, and reinvigorating this charming street should be a priority for the neighborhood. And of course, the DeBaliviere Strip is a goldmine waiting to be realized. Tear the strip mall down and restore the urban streetscape.

    DeBaliviere Place has always reminded me of Queens a little bit.

  2. ^I hear you re: Pershing and DeBaliviere, more retail would put the icing on the cake. And yes, tear down that ugly ass suburban strip mall, although, technically not in DBP.

  3. I'm currently very interested in a condo in this neighborhood, and this post certainly highlights some of the most beautiful buildings! Most of the crime reports involve car break-ins, which has me a little worried, but overall it seems to be pretty safe. The condo I'm looking at is on Pershing, towards the corner of DeBaliviere. Do we think that's a pretty decent area?

  4. ^Brenda, I hope you choose Debaliviere Place, it's a great part of the city. Car break ins are more often than not avoided by not leaving things of value in your car. Also, leave the door locks open so they're not tempted to break your window. And for what it's worth, I learned these lessons in Holly Hills; it's not like this is just a DBP thing, so just be smart and savvy and the clowns will pass your car by. Oh, and the greatest anti-theft device is a manual transmission.

  5. To avoid car break-ins, you can also get a "club" for the steering wheel. I on Degiverville, right behind the Papa Johns and my car was broken into but after I got the "club", it never happened again.

    It is a great neighborhood to live in. There are a lot of great people in the area, its very close to the metrolink station and Forest Park and if you like to bike for transportation, it is wonderfully centrally located.

  6. Also, there is a new coffee shop in the old Velocity Cafe. You should check it out! I believe it is locally-owned. And also check out Atlas Restaurant on Pershing. It serves wonderful French food!