Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mount Pevely

Mount Pevely now has plants growing out of it.  Nature is going to take over the mound of debris that St. Louis University and, the City of St. Louis and specifically, Alderman Joseph Roddy has left for the property owners, employees, students, residents, patients, tourists and tax payers to enjoy for over a year.

Remember if the city ever cites you for peeling paint on your porch to remind them that the non tax-paying institutions aren't following the rules either.

This is a giant middle finger raised up high in the air over Tiffany, Midtown and the Gate District.  Shameful.

This property has been in this condition since April, 2012.  I'm sick of it and feel kind of powerless that this stuff continues to happen.

Thanks a lot SLU.  Thanks a lot City of St. Louis.  Not only did you guys approve a demolition of a building on the national historic registry, you half tore them down, made huge mounds so everyone can see and then left it to sit for nearly a year and a half.

When is enough enough?  Is anyone else disgusted by the arrogance of non-profit institutes and the lame City "leaders" that rubber stamp this kind of thing?

Weak indeed.

I try to stick to the golden rule and "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all".  But sometimes you just have to scratch your head, wonder how this can be allowed to happen and speak out that this just can't continue.  Mount Pevely devalues the entire area.  It's a black eye on the Near South Side.

Remember when Fr. Biondi threatened the city with moving the medical campus to West County?  Here's his quote from February, 2012 addressing the St. Louis Planning Commission:
“What I foresee, if you don’t approve our request, is that we would have to shut down our medical school and find property in west county,” noting that 35 years ago, Maryville offered up land for the university to move west. SOURCE
I wonder if West County would have allowed this stop/start/stop tactic?  P

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