Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sister Marie Charles Park

Sister Marie Charles Park is 1 of 108 St. Louis parks .  The park is located in the Carondelet neighborhood.  The park makes up 3 of the total 2,956 acres of parkland in St. Louis.  Placed into ordinance in 1982, the park is right along the banks of the Mississippi River near Broadway and Elwood Avenue.

This is one of those parks that is a real bummer to visit, not because of the condition or anything like that, but because of the fact that this is a place where all male trysts occur in broad daylight.  I would be remiss in speaking about this park if I didn't mention this fact.  It is brazen and straight up creepy.  There is a predatory, disgusting feel to the whole scene that takes place in the parking lot of this park.  Upon your arrival, you will be met with stares from mainly old men, but some younger guys too.  Rainbow stickers on some cars, others not.  This is not a welcoming site.  When I got out of my car with camera fully visible and starting taking photos, only a few trucks/cars took off.  The others stayed just staring straight ahead in their vans, trucks and a couple cars.  The stream of traffic continued on my visit, with people doing kind of a drive-thru type thing, slowing down, making eye contact, some stopping some moving on.

This could be dealt with a simple camera and signage that says, "smile you are on film".  Seems simple, right?  This should be the work of the city government and park's dept to maintain civility on their property, no?  Public safety is at risk here.  This is not a happy place.

Anyhow, the park is located literally right along the river, affording great views of the Mighty Miss.

There is basically a burm of grass to the east of the railroad tracks that run along the bluffs.  Bellerive Park sits atop the bluffs, as do some senior living apartments.

The park has a few places to sit and watch the barges go by and there were lights installed, most destroyed.

Update 01/14/14:  I am trying to locate the correct info on how the park was named.

The park's dept and the city should take a stand and put an end to the negative behaviors on display here.


  1. While I agree that the city should make more of an effort to stop this trolling in a city park (whether it's same or opposite sex makes no difference to me) I think your comment that the "top brass is more concerned with confiscating kitties" is a bit flippant.

    The mayor and SLPD's decision to take a brave step for animals is groundbreaking and should be commended in my opinion. People take note of such actions and the announcement from Slay got national coverage on Facebook and Twitter.

    You are correct though that it wouldn't take much to get folks to move their "activities" to other, hopefully more private locations.

  2. Scott, I respect your opinion and even Slay's actions. But, we have serious quality of life issues for humans in this city that to me far outweigh those of pets. I like animals and take care of mine very well. I can't stop this kind of stuff personally therefore it is a public matter, one that I wish the city would address head on...the kitties can wait, we need our city to gain residents who demand I high quality of life.

  3. Quality residents = quality pet owners

  4. The severe cold that threatened the lives of animals was short lived. And it's unlikely that many trysts were occurring in this park while the temperature was at or below zero.

    Therefore it's my belief that the SLPD can handle both enforcing humane treatment of animals and ensuring that public parks aren't open sex markets. Especially since the natural elements make the likelihood of those events happening concurrently quite low.

  5. This park is named after Sr Marie Charles Buford, longtime Exec Director of CCBF (Carondelet Community Betterment Foundation)

  6. ^thanks anonymous, I'll try to track that down.