Saturday, February 6, 2016

Marketplace Branch of the St. Louis Public Library

Marketplace is one of seventeen branches in the St. Louis Public Library system. It is one of the three "mini-branches" along with Central Express and Charing Cross.
It is located at 6548 Manchester Avenue in the Ellendale Neighborhood.

It takes its name from the 1990's-era strip mall of the same name. There is no bike rack, as this is a nearly 100% auto-centric suburban style strip mall.
The branch is currently located next to a fitness gym which is extremely popular, so the location for a pick up/drop off express library seems fitting in the sense that it is a high traffic area.

Yet, pedestrian access is highly limited as is the nature of the strip mall as a whole.

Like all the branches, Marketplace is welcoming and brightly lit albeit a bit non-descript.

But it certainly does it's job of creating a place for residents in the Dogtown area to pick up and drop off selections from the entire library catalog. There is also a small selection of movies and music in addition to the books.
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Like all libraries, there is a security guard on duty, so it is a safe place for all.

So if you're in the Dogtown area, you know where to drop off or pick up your books!

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