Saturday, December 31, 2016

Brew City - 2016 St. Louis City Talk Favorite

Continuing on with my favorite 2016 developments in St. Louis, the local beer scene in the city just seems to get bigger and better.

2016 was no exception with the addition of one more brewery and announcements for a couple others in the city. 

2nd Shift Brewing may be familiar to some, they have been making beer for some time in New Haven, MO about an hour drive from St. Louis.

They set up shop in the Hill Neighborhood at 1601 Sublette Avenue just south of Manchester.  I haven't visited yet, or tried their beer, but I can't wait.

Another brewery, Rockwell Beer Company, will set up shop in the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood at 1320 South Vandeventer Avenue and they hope to be open in Spring, 2017.

Another brewery, Center Ice Brewery will be a hockey-themed brewery. The tasting room will be constructed from the Old Arena/Checkerdome! they will be in the beautiful Dinks Parish Laundry Building just west of Pappy's and Southern on Olive in the Midtown Neighborhood. Perfect place for all those hosers to converge for a Blues game. On my visit, work was underway on the facade of the building:

Then, work continued on Earthbound Beer's renovation of the Cherokee Brewery, complete with caves on Cherokee Street. Read all about it HERE.
Good news abounds. 

I recently attended a brewery tour at Schlafly Tap Room and I gained an appreciation for their vitally important role in changing the laws around brewing in Missouri and St. Louis. Without them fighting the legal fights to open up brewing to smaller breweries, we would still be in ABI land alone. They really played such an important role to open things up here.  
Oh, and scenes from Escape From New York were filmed in the building that is now the Taproom on Locust. There is an homage to Snake Plissken on their mural:
So with the addition of 2nd Shift and Rockwell, we will have the following breweries right here in St. Louis:

2nd Shift
4 Hands
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Alpha Brewery
Center Ice
Civil Life
Heavy Riff
Morgan Street 
Square One
Urban Chestnut

Pappos is brewing their beer for their operations at the Midtown restaurant location as well.

Heck, I'm probably missing a few.

There is no shortage of good beer and guzzling beer in St. Louis. 2016 was a good year and 2017 should be even better.

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