Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Downtown Macy's Escalator Tribute

I am a big fan of the downtown Macy's. It's in a fabulous building, close to a Metrolink stop and is staffed by kind people. It's got a cool restaurant (Papa Fabarre's), it isn't part of an annoyingly jarring indoor mall and is never overrun with people; no lines (good for customer, bad for retailer).

Obviously, I am happy that Macy's is going to keep this location open. Yet, I'm sad that they are downsizing it. Not because of the loss of goods and retail square footage, but because of the escalators. Man I'm a dork, I know it, but damn it, I will desperately miss the varied styles of escalators in this department store. From the old school wood to the brushed stainless steel art deco ones to the more modern glass ones like you see today. I fear these will go the way of the typewriter during the remodeling. I hope not, but I fear the worst. Here's my photo tribute to a department store and escalators that have soul:
My kids love getting Swedish fish at the candy counter:
I will miss the marble floors too.


  1. Wednesday I had lunch with a friend at the St. Louis Room, which will also go away and took some photos there... very depressing. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to go back and shoot the escalators.

    Your last photo says you will miss the marble floors... is there some reason to believe that these would be removed or covered?

    Thanks for posting.

  2. A sales woman in housewares told me that there are taking out the walls and putting in new flooring. I think she said carpeting.