Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Papa Fabarre's

Okay, I know I just did a post on the DT Macy's, but I had to go back to exchange a couple items and stopped into Papa Fabarre's on the second floor for lunch. First of all, this place is what it is. And by that I mean a true throwback. I think it rivals Crown Candy Kitchen and O'Connels for original, non-pretentious charm.Check out the fully operational pulley's and belts that operate the ceiling fans.

My first job was busing tables at a Belleville, Illinois restaurant called Riedels. The food reminds me of Riedels. Good old unhealthy American comfort food. Grilled cheese and chicken on a pretzel bread were our choices. They are famous for their French onion soup which is served in a crock layered with cheese. Soup is a term used loosely here. I would say gravy would be more appropriate. But, people love this stuff. The place was filled to capacity on the Monday we were there. The hostess, waiter and cashier all confirmed that the restaurant will remain open after the reconfiguration of the Macy's down to 3 floors.

They indicated that the future of the St. Louis Room restaurant on the 6th floor is still up in the air.

This place is a trip; a great place to take out of towners and first timers.


  1. I'm heartened to hear that Papa's will remain open, after the downsizing it will keep the store unique. Hopefully they will keep the candy counter as well.

  2. Peter, I too hope the candy counter will remain and Papa's doesn't get a modern make over.